When I was a kid, there were of course a lot of toys, but even so, I often invented my own cars, steel women and castles out of the strangest things I could find. I went deep into the world of imagination and even started rebuilding my own toys and figures when the need arose. There was a fun, humorous way of looking at the world, it was all very pleasurable.
Parts of this toy collection that I had saved from my young years suddenly appeared in my memory during research for the assignment. One particular figure I loved above all others and my brother called the old man ping pong. Surely the eyes, mouth and nose would have been movable on my old man? But no, my memory was playing tricks on me so why not do as I had done in the past, simply build my new ping pong figure.
With my new toy in hand, I realized that it actually resembles some of the billboards I’ve seen in pictures of highways in the US. That’s how the artwork came together, it all hung together.
Certainly both my figure and the new sports hall need to be advertised and seen from afar.
With a clear high position, in the eye of the entrance to the new sports hall for table tennis in Kungsängen. With a figure that has size, shape, colour and lateral movement that attracts and inspires, for people passing or on their way in or out of the table tennis arena, this artwork will be a happy signal for this place and sports activity.