Photo: Bright Images at Work AB – Christopher Sanitate and John Rosenlund.

Peter Johansson

Since 1990 Peter Johansson has been working thematically on his own childhood and experience in Dalarna (Dalecarlia). This landscape is situated at the ”heart” of Sweden and has ever since the end of the 19th century acted as a romantic national metaphor for Swedish identity. This metaphor has also been heavily exploited by the tourist industry and still is.

Peter Johansson´s work is made with humour, folkloristic materials as well as uptodate technical presentations, all made with the purpose to bring the kingdom of Sweden down and shut the mouth up of racist acts and aggressions. Not always with success!

Peter Johansson has a more than 30 years long artistic career of challenging issues of the popular and national, from a swedish and humorous point-of.view. Sculptures and installations have been the subject for phenomenon like the Dalacarlia horse, Falu-sausage, folk dance, nudity and red cottages in international exhibitions as well as in Sweden.
Peter Johansson is born 1964 in Sälen, Sweden, and lives in Sunne and Ugglarp, Sweden and Copenhagen, Denmark, and works at the KKV – Monumental (Konstnärernas Kollektivverkstad – the Artists´collective workshop) in Malmö, Sweden.


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