On September 2, 2022, the EP PING from the upcoming album PING PONG was released, and on October 21, the melody Allvar/Seriously by the musicians in Sista Bossen will be released as a single and video. Seriously, the first single from the album’s second part, PONG, will be released in February 2023. However, we have all been given the opportunity to see the video already now if we click on this link:


The covers are created by the designer Fredrik Söder and Sista Bossen in collaboration with the artist Peter Johansson, whose artwork Ping Pong was the inspiration for the different album covers.

The video for the song Allvar is based on an idea by the artist Peter Johansson, who also acts as a driver in the video. The film is produced by Bright Images at Work AB – director and post-production Christopher Sanitate and photographer John Rosenlund sfs, and the Picasso wigs are made by makeup artist Mikaela Artén.