In 2021, I have had the opportunity to work with scenography and costume for professional theater at Regionteater Väst in Uddevalla under director Lars Melin, word processing America Vera-Zavala, the actors Iskra Kostic, Peter Lorentzon and Jan Coster, ensemble and the entire fantastic technical department. So inspiring and eye-opening, they were so tremendously skilled. I would love to do more such projects but of course this work will also inspire the new work I do in the future.
Thank you best theater for this.

Next year, I look forward to completing the book Collected Bitterness, about all the works of art that have not seen the light of day but have been left in sketches and fragments. Together with Marie Arvinius at the book publisher Arvinius + Orfeus Publishing AB, the writer Ulrika Knutson and the designer Oscar Laufersweiler at RITATOR, this will become a book.

See you!
Peter Johansson

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